Flat Roofing Options For Commercial Buildings

Carlos Bowman

Commercial buildings can have some particularly unique roofing needs. Flat roofing can be a popular option for commercial buildings as it will be affordable and durable, but there are some things that people should know about this option.

Flat Roofs Require Exceptional Drainage

A flat roof will be especially vulnerable to having large standing pools of water form on it. Unlike a roof with a pitch, it can be very easy for puddles to become stuck on the roof. If this occurs, it may gradually degrade and compromise the overall condition of the roofing materials. When creating the roof design, it is important to be mindful of the path that water will be able to take to drain away from the roof. More specifically, you may want to consider having the center of the flat roof slightly elevated so that it can encourage water to drain off it.

There Are Several Different Materials That Can Be Used For Large Commercial Flat Roofs

As with traditional roofs with an incline, there are many different material options that are available to a business that is needing to have a new flat roof installed. While there can be some sizable differences in the various roofing materials, rubber can be an especially popular option due to the extreme durability that it can provide. A flat rubber roof will be capable of withstanding the exposure to the elements far better, which can greatly extend the life of the roof. Additionally, there are spray foam roofing options that can also provide exceptional performance, but this option will have the added benefit of being installed significantly faster. For a business that is needing to limit disruptions to its operations, the speed at which spray foam roofing can be installed will make it a very attractive option.

Buildings In Cold Climates May Benefit From Ice Melting Systems For Their Flat Roofs

If your business is located in an area that receives intense snowfall on a regular basis during the winter months, you will have to contend twitch the risk of large snow accumulations damaging the roof. While this is a serious concern that could lead to the roof collapsing if it is not addressed, there are options that may substantially reduce this potential liability. For example, there are warming systems that may be installed on the roof that could melt the snow and ice so that it will be unable to accumulate in quantities that are large enough to actually damage the roof or its supports.

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