The Little Details That Make Custom Luxury Homes Unique

Carlos Bowman

If you have ever looked longingly at home floor plans or toured fully customized homes, you may think you know exactly what you want in your dream home. While it's easy to get general ideas about what you like and don't like about a home's location, layout, and color palette, many future homeowners miss the many small details that really make custom homes shine. As you work with a custom luxury home builder to make your dream home a reality, make sure you discuss the following finishing details early on in the design process. Contact a custom luxury home builder for more information.

Designer Plate Covers

Most homes upgraded by DIYers or built in massive suburban subdivisions have one thing in common: standard plate covers. Every electrical outlet, switch, and junction box needs to be finished with an appropriate plate cover. Although plain, white plate covers are the most commonly available option for most homeowners, they are far from the only option. Custom home builders have access to designer plate covers that add tasteful trim to each electrical box. They can also install plate covers in custom colors that can either disguise electrical fixtures or make them pop. When your plate covers synchronize with your home's interior design, every room will feel complete and flawless.

Custom Trim Molding

Not every home comes with crown molding, let alone chair rail molding or wainscoting. By adding custom trim molding to a room, you can break up expansive blanks walls, protect wall paint from furniture, and give the room a high-class look. A good custom luxury home builder can recommend trim styles and combine various molding styles for a truly custom look. When looking at potential trim options, pay attention to baseboards, crown molding, and mid-wall molding options. Many homeowners choose to unify the look of their baseboards and crown molding throughout the public areas of their home, but with a custom home, you are only limited by your preferences.

Future-Proof Wiring

A truly luxurious home has amazing features hidden behind the scenes. Before your walls are closed in with sheetrock, your builder can try to ensure you never have to open them again by future-proofing your wiring. For example, although most building codes require less than six feet between electrical outlets, your builder can install as many outlets as you want. And, even though Cat 5e cables are the standard Ethernet cables of today, a custom home builder can install higher quality cables, like Cat 8 cables. These Ethernet cables should more than support your internet usage for decades to come.