Backyard Wedding? Tips for a Great Lawn With Less Work

Carlos Bowman

Are you considering a backyard wedding? This popular option provides a beautiful backdrop for anyone's nuptials while saving money and making an intimate celebration. But many homeowners need to spend a little time making their lawn ready for the big day. How can you do this? Here are three ways to make it easier and more successful.

1. Hire a Professional Service

If you don't already use a lawn care service, now is the time to start. Rather than arguing with your lawn for weeks or months, work with a professional who knows how to tackle specific problems. A pro will assess your lawn issues with their experienced eye and develop a plan to get the most done in whatever time you have available. 

Depending on how much attention it needs, you might just need monthly or seasonal help with things like fertilizing or planting perennials. Or you might want to have someone come weekly to ensure the best outcome and do the leg work for you.  

2. Analyze Irrigation

When was the last time you had a professional assess your irrigation plan? As the yard has grown and changed, its water needs may have changed, too. Look for indications of both over-watering and drainage issues as well as under-watered, dry areas. A targeted irrigation plan utilizing a variety of methods, such as broad sprinklers on the lawn and drip irrigation in beds, will quickly green up problem areas. 

3. Plant Wisely

The timing of the wedding will inform how to add plants for a lush appearance. If your wedding plans are for next year, for instance, you might plan perennials now that will flower and bloom next year as well. Bulbs could make a fun spring wedding addition. If you have less time, though, you may need to create a quick color boost by replacing some grass with sod and adding concentrated annual blooms along the edges. 

A professional can also help you choose a grass that will stand up to the pummeling the lawn will take before and during the wedding. Bermuda grass, for instance, is often a good choice because it's low maintenance, tolerates heat well, and can withstand significant wear and tear. The tougher your lawn is in the months and weeks leading up to the wedding, the less work you'll do at the last minute.

If you focus your landscape efforts in the right areas — choosing the right plants, developing a good watering scheme, and consulting with pros — the result will be a beautiful grassy base for your outdoor wedding with minimal work on your part. Learn more today by meeting with a lawn care service professional in your area today.