Four Roofing Maintenance Chores That Will Help You Get More Out Of Asphalt Shingles

Carlos Bowman

If you have an asphalt roof, maintenance is important to get more life out of your roofing. Doing some common tasks, such as cleaning off roof debris, can help make your shingles last longer. There are also things like adding zinc strips to shaded areas, that can prevent roof damage. Here are some roof maintenance tips to ensure your roofing lasts for many years:

1. Keeping Your Roof Free Of Debris

One of the most important maintenance tasks that you will need to do for your roof is to keep it clean. This can be done by using a broom and sweeping debris down the slope of the roof. Gently sweep the roof, so that you do not damage the shingles. To get dirt out of cracks, use a hand brush to clean the grime out. This can prevent dirt from building up in the cracks, which can absorb moisture and cause many problems, such as rot.

2. Preventative Maintenance To Keep Fungus At Bay

You will also want to keep fungus at bay. Adding zinc strips to your roof can help to prevent fungus growth. The metal strips will need to be fastened at the top of your roof. This will allow the zinc to bleed down the roof and prevent fungus growth. You can also use a cleaning product with a fungicide in it to remove and prevent moss and lichen growth on your roof.

3. Improvements To Reduce Leak Problems With Wear

There are also improvements that can help to prevent wear. This can be things like adding an extra barrier of flashing at eaves to protect your home from ice dams if you live in a colder climate. You can also use multiple layers of flashing to protect areas like walls and valleys from wear and potential leaks.  You can use a rubber membrane as a protective layer beneath more conventional metal flashing materials.

4. Inspecting Your Roof To Spot Damage Before It Becomes Costly

It is also important to spot damage before it becomes worse and leads to costly repairs. When you have storms in your area, look over your roof for signs of damage. In addition, you can inspect your roof when you do normal maintenance like cleaning. This is good to do in the fall when there is more debris on roofs from trees. Look for signs of wears and damaged shingles that need to be repaired.

These are some maintenance tips to ensure that your roof lasts longer. If you have an old roof that is in need of repair or replacement, contact a roofing contractor like Rai Roofing Ltd and talk with them about some of the durable options that are available for your new roof.