Tips For Installing A Glass Front Window To Increase Your Store Traffic

Carlos Bowman

If you want to hire a contractor to install storefront windows for you, you will need to choose the type of glass that is best for you. Below is some information you should find helpful before the contractor arrives. Once you get the storefront windows installed, you can then use them to increase your store traffic.

Choosing and Installing the Windows

When installing a storefront window, there are types of glass that are best for this type of window. If you want a very strong window, you can choose tempered glass. This type of glass is treated with heat, and works well if your customers are close enough to your glass that they could hit it, or knock something into it.

If the glass is broken, it is made to shatter into small pieces, which will not be as sharp as larger pieces. This is not only good for you, but can help keep you from a lawsuit if someone decided to sue you if they are cut by the glass.

Another type of glass the contractor will likely show you is laminated glass. This is a strong glass, because it has two pieces of glass with plastic placed between them. Because of the extra piece of plastic, this glass will only break if it is hit with blunt force. If it does break, the fragments will be very small.

The contractor will usually install the windows within an aluminum framing. This is because the aluminum can be bent to accommodate the style you want. They can also use different grid patterns if you do not want one continuous window.  You have many options to choose when it comes to the design and shape of the window, and your contractor can go over everything with you.

Taking Advantage of the Windows

Once you have the windows installed, you should use them to increase foot traffic to your store. Sit down with your employees to come up with some creative ideas, and people will walk in front of your store just to see your display. Think of things you can do with some of your most popular products, such as hanging them from a ceiling. Put a chalkboard in the display, put a message to the people walking by, and change the message each day. This could be a funny quote, or something about your store, such as a sale.

If you have a shoe store, put a wooden vintage crate on a pallet. Lay the crate on its side so the opening is facing the window. Set a pair of shoes on top of the crate, as well as inside of it. Put some shoes on the ends of the pallet by the crate.

Use the seasons as inspiration. For Halloween, spread a large spider's web with spiders crawling on it across the windows, and place carved pumpkins in the case. Use real pumpkins to make it look even better. 

The first thing a customer sees when they walk up to your store is the windows. Having new windows and putting a display in them is a smart business decision. For more information, contact a company like tempered glass glass pro.