DIY Lighting Ideas Using Cheap Plastic

Carlos Bowman

Creating DIY lighting is a great way to decorate your home. You create something different and can do so using everyday objects. Your upcycled lighting helps the environment and looks really cool. Here are some ways to use your old plastic objects, such as cups, spoons, and soda bottles and turn them into awesome chandeliers:

Plastic Spoon Chandelier

Plastic spoons are made of thick plastic, which is perfect for a lamp. You can use white or colored spoons for a soft light or clear spoons for a brighter light. The process involves gluing the spoon part, not the handles, to a giant water jug. You must glue them to something that is clear so that the light shines through. A water jug works perfectly.

Glue the spoons so that the concave side faces down on the water jug. Place them so that they look like dragon scales or flower petals enclosing a bud. The light fixture will go into a hole you cut into the bottom of the water jug.

Soda Bottle Flower Chandelier

Take a look at the bottom of a soda bottle. There are five little "feet" on the bottom of a bottle to help it balance. If you cut off the bottom of the bottle, you will notice that the "feet" look like a flower with five giant petals. Turn those soda bottle flowers into a dangling chandelier by stringing them up on strong, clear line and dangling them from a light fixture. You can use clear bottles or colored bottles for a prism effect. You can even paint the flowers. Use a translucent paint so that the light still shines through.

Plastic Cup Chandelier

There are two neat ways to use small plastic cups to make beautiful lighting. The easiest way is to simply cut small holes in the bottom of each cup and slip them over string lights. For a more spectacular chandelier, attach the cups to each other so that they form a giant ball. Staple the plastic cups together so that they form a circle. Make sure the opening of the cups faces out.

Staple the next layer on top of the first circle. Keep going until you have half a ball and then flip it over to do the other side. Leave the last spot empty at the very top of the ball to place your light fixture.

What Light Bulbs Work With Plastic Chandeliers?

Always use LED light bulbs for your plastic chandeliers. They run much cooler than regular light bulbs, which might create a fire hazard. If the LED bulb is going to be completely enclosed inside your chandelier, make sure to purchase bulbs designed for recessed lighting. Enclosed LED bulbs do get warmer, and those designed for recessed lighting deal with that issue.

Your new plastic lamps will wow guests in your home with the subtle but beautiful light. Contact a company such as Dhillon Lighting Inc light stores to learn more.