Learn How To Successfully Eliminate Tree Stumps From Your Property

Carlos Bowman

After trees have been removed from your property, learn about tree removal and how to eliminate their stumps. Once you are finished, plant grass seed in these areas so that they look the same as the rest of your yard:

Use The Following Materials

  • rake
  • power drill
  • drill bits
  • safety goggles
  • work gloves
  • can of stump killer
  • vinyl tarps
  • concrete blocks
  • temporary fence
  • garden stakes
  • ax
  • wheelbarrow
  • topsoil
  • grass seed
  • water hose

​Drill Holes And Add Stump Killer

Rake around each stump to remove leaves and twigs. Drill holes that are about one inch deep in the top of each stump. Place them several inches apart and add enough to each stump so that they cover the perimeter. Put on a pair of protective goggles and work gloves before opening the stump killer. Stump killer contains potassium nitrate, which can cause injuries if it comes into contact with your skin or eyes. Pour the stump killer inside of the holes until they are full. 

Set Up A Protective Barrier

The stump killer will cause the stumps to rot. This may take several days. Cover up the stumps with vinyl tarps so that people and animals do not come into contact with the potassium nitrate. Secure the tarps around the edges with concrete blocks. Insert temporary fencing or garden stakes around each stump to further prevent anyone from getting close to the stump killer. 

Cut Up The Stumps

After a few days, uncover the stumps and test them to see if they are ready to be eliminated. To do this, hit the base of each one with an ax. If it is easy to cut through each one and if the stumps are spongy in consistency, they are ready to be removed. Break apart the stumps with an ax, cutting them into small pieces. Place all of the pieces inside of a wheelbarrow so that you can easily remove the wood from your property when you are finished.

After the stumps are removed, you may see some roots near the surface of the ground. Cut these pieces with an ax in the same manner. Fill in any gaps in the ground with topsoil. Rake over each cleared section until it is level with the rest of the ground. Sprinkle grass seed over the cleared sections. Water them with a garden hose. Continue to water the sections a couple times a day for a few weeks. Soon, the grass will blend in with the rest of your property.