Want To Renovate Your Business? What To Do To Remain Open Successfully During The Process

Carlos Bowman

Just as you want your home to have a modern style, you probably want your business to have modern features as well. This might mean calling in the contractors to have some renovations completed. If you want to remain open during the process, this guide explains what you can do to help your customers feel comfortable and safe.

Check Your City's Rules and Regulations

Ask your contractor what materials they plan on using and get a copy of the plans. Take this information to the building officials to find out if there are rules for remaining open.

Sometimes there are hazardous materials used, or removed from a building, and you may need to be closed during that time. It is also possible that you may need to close up shop altogether, depending on your city's ordinances and permitting rules.

Display Plenty of Signs

Post signs on the outside of your facility and on the inside to alert customers of the work that's being done. The more creative you can make the signs, the more your customers will pay attention to them.

Choose animals, funny cartoons or other attention-getting sign features, in bright colors. Make sure the signs are big enough to grab people's attention and that you place them in high-traffic areas.

Run Amazing Specials

Customers may choose to shop somewhere else during the renovation phase. This might make you feel as if you're wasting your time and money. However, by offering great sales, specials and incentives, you can overcome this obstacle.

Give your customers coupons before the renovation begins that are good for the time in which the renovation is to occur.

Know When to Close

For the most part, your contractor and their crew will work during the hours that you're not in operation. However there might be times when you will have no choice but to close.

Some work, such as redoing electrical wiring, plumbing and placing new flooring might require you to close up shop so that this work can be completed during daylight hours. Workers sometimes need other services to be at their disposal, such as permitting offices, home improvement stores for extra supplies and maybe even the electric company. Since these businesses are only open during the day, you may need to close so your contractor has everything they need at their disposal.

Go into the renovation of your commercial business with your eyes wide open and knowing exactly when you can be open for business and when you should close, for the safety of your customers. Ask your contractor for other ideas on keeping your customers safe and happy during this time. 

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