4 Types Of Commercial Railings

Carlos Bowman

If you are designing the interior of a commercial building, you may need to install a railing that goes along a staircase. For commercial buildings, there are a few different materials and styles to choose from. Here are some of the more popular railing systems for commercial buildings.


If you want a classic wood look for the railing system that is more affordable and more beneficial than actual wood, composite materials are a great option. Composite railing systems allow for stain resistance, color retention, and durability. They can also resist rust on the finish and are easy to clean, so those inevitable fingerprints aren't going to ruin the finish. Composite railings are painted to look just like wood, with any color you like. The best hardware for composite railings is stainless steel hardware that won't corrode.


For a sleek and elegant railing system, consider choosing glass. Glass railing systems combine thick sheets of tempered glass and power-coated metal framework to provide a stable and beautiful railing system in your building. You are going to showcase the view and architectural integrity of the building, instead of simply providing function. You can choose different components for your glass railing system, such as a top rail, handrail brackets, and cladding. The design of the glass rail is completely up to you.


If the railing system will be completely or partially outdoors, you might want to go with a material that is better suited for the elements, such as vinyl. This material won't get ruined from heavy winds, rain, or extremely cold or hot temperatures. There are different types of vinyl railing systems, depending on if you want wood or metal framework with your vinyl rails. You can also choose from various trims, posts, and caps for the vinyl railing system. It will last a long time and is also an affordable option.


Another more affordable option of railing system that is ideal for outdoors but can also be used indoors is aluminum. This material can handle a lot of climate changes and weather conditions, as well as being low-maintenance. You don't have to worry about repairs and maintenance when you choose an aluminum rail. This material is also very durable and will give you a long-lasting railing option.

Consider different factors when choosing from these railing options, from the overall appearance and style of the rails to how well the materials will hold up.

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