Interior Signs Your Foundation Is Failing

Carlos Bowman

The foundation on your home is one of the most important structures. When there is an issue with your foundation, problems will quickly arise in other areas of your home. It's a good idea to learn how to recognize some of the signs that might indicate there is an underlying issue going on with your foundation.

Door Issues

Pay attention to the doors in your home, particularly when they are open. Unless it was designed to do so, when in the open position, your doors shouldn't move. They should stay in whatever position you place them in. When you notice your doors are moving, or swinging, when they are open, this is a sign that there is a problem.

This often means that the frame is out of alignment. Frame alignment issues occur when your foundation has shifted. In addition to the door swinging, you might also notice that your doors are harder to open or close due to sticking. This is also an indication that it's a good idea to have your home's foundation checked.


When looking around your home, you also want to pay attention to the ceilings and the walls. If you see cracks in either of these areas, this signals an urgent foundation problem that you want to have addressed as quickly as possible. A shifting foundation places the structural integrity of your home at extreme risk.

If this issue is not addressed, overtime, this could even lead to your home collapsing. In many instances, the reason for a foundation shift is an issue with water pooling around your home's foundation. In this case, you want to have your foundation checked right away to find out what is causing water to pool around your foundation.

Floor Buckling

Another indication that there may be a problem with your foundation is floor buckling. Your floor is meant to be a smooth and level surface. Humps and other signs of buckling serves as a sign that there is an underlying concern. Floor buckling can often be attributed to a shift in your foundation or a crack in the foundation that is causing the floor support to move around.

When the floor support moves around, this causes the flooring material to also shift, leading to the buckling. It's important to have the matter addressed as the problem will only get worse.

Make certain you are giving your home's foundation the support it needs. Failing to recognize repairs or ignoring them can have costly repercussions.