5 Awesome Custom Railing Ideas For Your Home

Carlos Bowman

Offices and warehouses aren't the only entities that use railings. There are railings all throughout your home that could be strengthened and made with your own special style. The railing over a balcony, leading down a flight of stairs, or framing the bottom of a window could be customized for your family and your style. Here are five ideas to help you get your creative juices flowing! 

1. Favorite Shapes

This can be especially fun if you have small children and grandchildren around your home. Request that your railing include various shapes. These could be basic shapes like hearts and triangles, but these could also be more elaborate shapes such as a puppy's face or a roaring lion. 

2. Lost Loved Ones

For a more sentimental touch, you could request that your railings showcase the names of people in your family whom you loved who have died. Just by living in your home, you help honor and cherish their memory. For a warmer, more loving feel, choose the common nicknames or pet names of these loved ones as opposed to their formal titles. "Kitty", "Honey Bun", "Paw-Paw", and "Jo" are examples. 

3. Personal Monogram

An elegant way of marking your home includes having a monogram placed within railings around your estate. These could be just your initials or the initials of you and your spouse. The repetition of these letters throughout the home (i.e., on towels, napkins, cutlery, etc.) gives an impression of royal sophistication. This can be a great benefit when entertaining personal and business guests.  

4. Optical Illusions

Find your favorite optical illusion that features a repeated pattern and inquire about repeating that illusion on your railings. This offers a great talking point for guests and dinner parties, as well as a fun point of interest for children. 

5. Special Themes

You can also have railings created that showcase a particular theme that you would like emphasized in certain rooms or throughout your entire home. For example, you could have a railing that looks like an underwater scene, complete with seaweed, fish, clams, and octopuses. Another option might be a desert theme, complete with rattlesnakes, cacti, and a bright sun. 

Just considering these five options is sure to get you thinking more specifically about what it is you want for your railings in your own home. You may even come up with a totally different way to use custom railings that wasn't listed. No matter what style you choose, custom railings add a spark of creativity and uniqueness to your home like few other things can.