How To Prepare Your Home For New Windows

Carlos Bowman

When you choose to replace the windows in your home, you are choosing to make an investment in your home's curb appeal, overall value, and energy efficiency. With all the positive benefits it offers, there is no reason to give the decision a second thought. You do, however, need to put some thought into how to prepare your home for the new windows.

Remove Obstacles

There are two sides to your windows. Many people can easily remember to move the furniture around inside the house, but forget about moving things outside the home. Lawn furniture or seasonal decorations can prevent efficient removal of the old windows.

Before the professionals arrive, walk around the exterior of your home to be sure areas directly in front of windows are clear. For second story windows, ensure there is enough room for professionals to safely use ladders to get to them.

If you find that you don't have the space to store the items you move around, consider renting a storage unit. Some companies specialize in renting mobile storage units, which are delivered to your home for your use. You would simply load the unit, lock it up for safety, and unload it once your windows have been installed. Then, you can call the company to come pick the mobile unit back up once you are finished with it.

Protect Your Valuables

Window replacement is dirty work. The right professionals will provide a layer of protection at least in the immediate work area. For example, they may use a drop cloth for the floor in front of the window. Unfortunately, a few feet of plastic wrap and a drop cloth is not going to stop dust from flying around your home.

You should purchase your own drop cloth or sheet of plastic to cover any items that will remain in the rooms where windows are being replaced. Another option is to remove all items from the rooms and store them in a mobile storage unit. This option is more time consuming, but it will ensure none of your belongings are inadvertently covered in dirt or damaged during the installation process.

Naturally, the contractors you hire to extract your old windows and install some new windows will do everything they can to handle the task with care. It will, however, give you piece of mind to take some extra steps to protect your home and make the process a little easier for the contractors (such as those from M & M Construction) doing the work.