Learn How To Turn The Open Space Under Your Stairs Into A Fun Playhouse For Your Kids

Carlos Bowman

Children need space to play, and creating fun and exciting play areas for them can help to spark creative thinking that can help them throughout their lives. If you are limited on space in your home, but really want to create a playhouse for your children, consider making the most of the space you have available. Many two-story homes have open space under the stairs that is not being used. You can use this space to create a custom playhouse for your little ones. Use the following guide to learn what steps a building contractor  can take to create a playhouse your children are sure to love.

Create a Doorway

The first thing the contractor will do is determine where the support beams are for the stairs so that he or she can be sure that they cut a doorway into the space between two of the beams. This will ensure that the stairs still have the support they need and your children are able to easily enter the playhouse whenever they choose.

Create the Walls

Next, the contractor will hang drywall inside of the interior of the open space. This will give the playhouse a finished look and ensure that there are no wires or nails exposed that could serve as a potential danger to your children. Once the drywall is hung, you can then paint the walls of the playhouse. Be sure that you choose a color that is warm and inviting so that your children look forward to playing in their new space.

Create the Flooring

There will be a floor under the stairs, but it may not be very visually appealing. Applying peal and stick laminate flooring on top of the flooring that is in the space will give it an updated, more visually appealing look.

Customize the Exterior

At this point, there are a few finishing touches that need to be made. The contractor will add molding around the edges of the doorway that was created to make the space look finished. A house can be painted on the outside of the wall to allow everyone to know that the space is a playhouse. By painting the house on the wall, it allows you to paint over the design when your children become too big to enjoy the space anymore.

Add small furniture, toys, and even a tea set to the space to allow your children's creativity to soar. The entire project will be very affordable and worth the cost when you see the joy and delight on your children's faces.