A Quick Buyer's Guide To Commercial Garage Doors

Carlos Bowman

Owning or operating a commercial or industrial facility means keeping your entire building in good repair, and that includes the doors to any garage or warehouse. Those doors can be an entry point for thieves if they're not in good repair, and if they're opened and closed consistently throughout the day they can suffer tremendous wear and tear. Choosing the right style and type of door will be important for your business and to ensure that you don't need to replace the door any sooner than you should.

1. Overhead doors

These are the most common types of doors used in commercial facilities and they travel along a track to open up and out of the way of traffic. They are usually too heavy to be operated manually and need to be installed with an electric opener. They are often the most secure type of door from companies like Calgary Overhead Doors LTD as their weight keeps them from being easily pried opened, and you might even choose ones that are blast resistant or fire resistant for added security.

2. Rollup doors

These doors are sectioned and when the door is opened, the sections fold or roll onto themselves and into a barrel over the door. The sections can be very lightweight so the door can be operated manually, which is usually a more affordable installation. They're also a good choice for smaller facilities where the overhead door would cut down on space and not allow trucks to fit into the building. Their lighter weight is easier to operate but they may not offer as much security as a heavier overhead door.

3. Glass doors

These are typically used for when visibility must be maximized, such as for a repair facility or display room. These doors can be both overhead and rollup, although typically they are sectioned so that if one section is damaged or vandalized it can be replaced separately rather than needing the entire door replaced. They are often not as durable as rollup or overhead doors but are typically considered the most attractive.

4. Screen doors

A screen door for a facility can be placed in front of a rollup or overhead door, and this can offer security and comfort for your staff during the day. The inside garage door can be opened and the screen door locked and secured so that the building receives maximum ventilation without keeping doors open and unsecured. This type of door is good for production facilities especially, where fumes and other hazards should be allowed to vent as much as possible.