About The Harm Of Using A Jackhammer To Cut Up Driveway Concrete

Carlos Bowman

If you are considering using a jackhammer to cut up the old concrete in your driveway, you may want to reconsider how it is done. It is in your best interest to leave the task to an excavation specialist to avoid possibly getting harmed by the jackhammer. In this article, you will discover the harm of using a jackhammer to cut up concrete and how an excavation specialist can help out so you can stay safe.

What Is the Harm of Cutting Concrete with a Jackhammer?

Using a jackhammer to cut up the concrete in your driveway is harmful because of the vibrations created as it is penetrating the concrete. A jackhammer is effective because of gravity and vibrations, along with it moving in a constant up and down motion. It is the strength and constant movement of these vibrations that can harm your body.

Vibrations from a jackhammer are harmful because they can lead to blood vessels constricting. As you use the jackhammer, the blood vessels constrict and spasm. After a while, you can develop Raynaud's phenomenon with can cause symptoms of skin discoloration and numbness for a few hours.

How Can an Excavation Specialist Cut Up Concrete Safely?

Although an excavation specialist will have more skills for using a jackhammer that you, he or she can still suffer from Raynaud's phenomenon. However, the symptoms will likely be easier for a specialist to cope with because jackhammer use is a common part of excavation work. He or she will also use protective gear like goggles and steel toe boots when using the equipment.

An excavation specialist will also know how to use the jackhammer with a slant to make sure he or she has complete control over it. Complete control is vital because it can prevent the jackhammer from accidentally puncturing the electrical cord powering it up. A puncture in the electrical cord can lead to electrocution, which can be fatal.

Don't put your body at risk for the symptoms of Raynaud's phenomenon by using a jackhammer to cut up the concrete in the driveway on your own.

An excavation company, such as Kootenay Cutting & Coring Ltd, can get the job done safely and efficiently so you won't have to spend a lot of time on the project. You can also count on the excavation specialist to get rid of the old concrete that has been cut up, depending on who is hired.