5 Winter Maintenance Tips For Your Home

Carlos Bowman

Living through the Canadian winter means that early seasonal maintenance tasks are a must for any homeowner. From keeping your home warmer during the harsh winter months to putting your gardens to bed, there are plenty of things to do around the home this fall. Although it may be tough to tackle it all on your own, it is important that you take care of the essentials before the winter weather hits.

Top 5 Essential Winter Maintenance Tips


Late fall and early winter is a great time to take on the task of pruning your trees and shrubs. Take special care to trim any branches that may intersect with power lines or cause damage to your roof if they become weighed down by heavy snowfall. 


Heavy snow in the winter can wreak havoc on your roof. To avoid extensive roof repairs down the road, it is important for homeowners to give the roof a good once over before temperatures drop. This is the perfect time to clean gutters from leaves and other debris. Homeowners should also inspect the roof for any loose or missing shingles. If necessary, call a professional like Sunik Roofing to handle minor roof repairs.


Because cold winter weather brings with it plenty of ice and snow, you will need to repair any broken or missing handrails around the property as well. This also gives you a great opportunity to repair any steps or stones in the yard to make sure they are safe for everyone to use all winter long.


No one wants to be caught in a heavy snowstorm without the fuel necessary to run outdoor equipment like snow blowers or generators. Homeowners should also be "putting to bed" lawn mowers and other motorized equipment with the help of a fuel stabilizer to keep engines from breaking down when these items are not in use.


If you are in need of any replacement home maintenance tools like snow shovels, roof rakes or a bag of the ever handy ice melting compound, this is the time to stock up. Before making a trip for extra supplies, be sure to check if you need other common items like insulation, heat tape and window caulk.

Have a Safe and Warm Winter

Keep these essential home maintenance tips in mind early on in the season to ensure your home will stay safer and warmer all winter long. Simply grab a friend to help out and start preparing your home before that familiar Canadian winter settles in.